Pro-Ject Turntable Servicing

At Henley Audio, we've been promoting, selling and servicing Pro-Ject Audio Systems turntables for many years. So our extensive knowledge and unique, intimate experience with the range makes us the ideal people to talk to whenever you run into trouble with your record player.

A lot of the time we can help resolve your issues on the phone, and the extensive catalogue of spare parts available through our Online Shop can allow you to get hold of the most common parts quickly and easily. However, sometimes a little more work is needed, and  for that we are able to offer all manner of repairs and servicing in our onsite service centre.

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How to Return a Product

We always recommend you give us a call if you're thinking of returning your turntable for repair, but if you've already spoken to us or you want to go ahead and send your turntable back anyway, listed below is the process you need to follow.

  1. Confirm what you want us to do.
    Call us to discuss your situation. At this time we will also provide you with an RMA number, which is your reference should you need to chase the repair while it is with us
  2. Print out and fill in our Customer Returns Form.
    This form gives us all your necessary contact information, allows you to let us know what you want us to do, and allows you to highlight exactly what parts you're returning to us.
    Form available to download at the bottom of the page
  3. Pack your item carefully.
    Take care when packing, if you don't have the full original packaging we recommend you read our Packing Advice document.
    Failure to use the original packaging could result in transit damage to the product. Any defects caused by insufficient packaging of the product, and any associated charges that come as a result of those defects, are entirely the responsibility of the customer. In the case where products returned without original packaging are repaired and made available to send back to the customer, Henley Audio will either offer alternative packaging (if available, for a fee) or will make best use of the original return packaging (at the same time as making the customer aware of our concerns). Any damages incurred on the return transit to the customer as a result of poor packaging originally supplied by the customer will not be the responsibility of Henley Audio. With Pro-Ject turntables, exact information on how to pack the turntable is contained in the product's user manual.
    Advice sheet available to download at the bottom of the page
  4. Return your item to us.
    You can arrange to send your item back at a competitive price using DPD Local's online service. DPD are our recommended courier, so we're confident you should experience no problems using their service. Find out more about shipping with DPD at this link.
    You are also welcome to send using your own preferred courier service. We cannot be held responsible for any damages caused in transit, regardless of the service used.
  5. Wait to hear from us.
    We'll inspect your item, and report back with our findings

Service Price List

There are certain repairs we are happy to offer a set-price repair charge for. These are the prices we will automatically work on for any single repair. If for any reason we have to charge more for one of these jobs, we'll let you know before we do any work so you have the option to change your mind. Equally, if you need more than one job done, we will also work to reduce the total labour charges as best we can for you.

Repair Spare Parts Required Labour Charges
Replacement Motor Direct Part Replacement* £35.00 + VAT (£42.00 Total)
Tonearm Re-wire Tonearm Inner-Cables (005) £35.00 + VAT (£42.00 Total)
Speed-Box Replacement Speed Box For Mounting £35.00 + VAT (£42.00 Total)
Cartridge Fitting** Purchase Any Cartridge From Our Range*** £25.00 + VAT (£30.00 Total)

* Most replacement motors for other turntables are also available from stock.
** When purchasing bundled cartridges with high-end turntables, find out more about this service here.
*** Unfortunately we cannot fit any third-party cartridges. We also cannot fit any Ortofon or Pro-Ject cartridges that were not bought from Henley Audio or a Henley Audio authorised stockist.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking to upgrade a turntable that features a Steel Platter (such as the older Debut Models), these will not work with Moving Coil Cartridges due to the strong magnets utilised in this technology. Please contact us for further advice.

Our fixed return carriage charge is £10 (incl. VAT) for all mainland UK addresses.

Our Repair Process

Every repair is unique, but there is a general process we follow for all jobs, which is outlined below.

  1. We open up and inspect your turntable, at our first available opportunity.
    At this time, we'll also report to you if the item experienced any unexpected damages in transit.
  2. We test the reported faults outlined on your Customer Returns Form.
    We'll also run further tests to check everything else is OK, at this time.
  3. We give you a call.
    One of our helpful team will give you a call to discuss our findings and provide a quote for all works, including carriage costs.
  4. You tell us what to do.
    If you're happy with the quotation, we'll take payment and complete the repair ASAP. If at this stage you decide not to go ahead, we will arrange to return the turntable back to you for a nominal fee, based upon the amount of time spent inspecting the unit.
  5. We ship the turntable back.
    To ensure you're parted from your turntable for as little time as posssible, we use a next-working-day courier service to ship your turntable back.

Returning Through a Retailer

If you choose to involve your preferred local retailer in this process, that's absolutely fine. For complete transparency, we will still charge the same labour costs on each of these repairs. The dealer may charge an additional handling fee over these costs, to cover their cost of managing and handling your turntable repair. We recommend you discuss what cost this may be with your retailer before arranging the return.

Returning Under Warranty

If for some reason your turntable has developed a fault while still within its warranty period, you are also welcome to deal with us directly. If you wish to do so, please follow the same process on How to Return a Product above, but be sure to call us first. All items purchased through Amazon, Amazon Marketplace, eBay and other "third-party" sites can only be returned under warranty via the retailer who handled your sale.

To conduct a repair under warranty, we need a copy of your original proof of purchase for the product from an authorised UK retailer included within the box when you ship your turntable back. Unfortunately we are not able to collect warranty claims from domestic addresses; for this service you need to contact the retailer you originally purchased from and arrange to get the turntable back to them. We always recommend returning any product through your retailer, as your contract of sale is with them, and they are legally obliged to support you with any product return. The dealer can help verify the fault and offer you more ongoing support during the warranty process.

If we deem your warranty return to be a viable warranty claim, we will conduct your repair free of charge and ship the turntable back to you at our cost.

For more on Warranty Claims for all our brands, please click here.
To read Pro-Ject's manufacturer warranty terms and conditions, please click here.


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