Lehmannaudio Vertriebs GmbH was originally founded in 1988 by Norbert Lehmann, a young audio engineering student, in Cologne, Germany. Through those early days, Norbert developed a deep understanding of how the quality of certain electrical devices affected the end sound-performance of an amplifier. The cumulative result of this formative period was manifest in 1995, when Lehmannaudio released the Black Cube phono stage.

The Black Cube is now a cult object in the audiophile market. Still available today in almost exactly the same form as the original model, the Black Cube took components more commonly found in studio mixing desks and brought them to a hi-fi product. The result was an affordable phono stage that sounded truly sublime. In 2004, the next icon was born; the Linear Headphone Amplifier (originally called Black Cube Linear) again took studio principles and brought them to the hi-fi sector, allowing hi-fi fans to experience the true engineering ability of Norbert Lehmann.

Since 2004 the phono stage and headphone amplifier sectors have been happy homes for Lehmannaudio products, and now the company can boast a range of products in each sector that are suitable for all budgets and technical requirements.

From 2007 Lehmannaudio moved to the small town of Bergisch Gladbach (near Cologne), and it’s here that all products are hand-assembled by a small, dedicated team of experts, with Norbert Lehmann still very much at the helm.

Norbert Lehmann introduces his brand.

Lehmannaudio Linear Headphone Amplifier

Striving For Perfection

Lehmannaudio is more than just a company: it is a passion project for its owner, Norbert Lehmann. He says of his ‘audio mission’:

During my audio engineering studies, we were listening to two amplifiers with identical technical specifications in a direct A/B comparison. It was really amazing how much they differed in sound quality: one delivered sound, the other one music. There I realised for the first time that good sound depends on much more than technical data such as power, distortion factor and signal-to-noise ratio.

That listening session sparked a passion in me that has never ceased: how can I build audio technology so that it communicates the musician's message as musically and faithfully as possible? I'm in pursuit of perfection, and when I hear that my customers feel happy while listening, I know that all my efforts have been worth it.

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