Opera Loudspeakers

Opera Loudspeakers was founded in 1989, but the experience of their dedicated team far pre-dates that time. Since their first speaker, the Caruso, Opera have produced a variety of premium loudspeaker designs that give a nod to the genre of music with which they share their name.

All Opera speakers benefit from a fusion of traditional Italian craftsmanship in cabinet making and the most advanced acoustic technologies available. All are built with top-quality materials and have sound performance at their core. But as well as being pleasant to listen to, all Opera speakers also boast a sophisticated visual design that easily fits into the modern home.

The family-run company, based out of Treviso, Italy, designs all products in-house and sources as many vital materials locally as possible. The idea behind all Opera speakers is that they are as easy to drive as possible, making them a great match for both valve and solid-state systems.

The Nasta family, who own Opera Loudspeakers     An early version of the Opera Callas speaker

Perfect Partners

Opera Loudspeakers is the sister-brand to Unison Research. That allows for a intimate working relationship between the two brands’ equipment. From a technical perspective, Opera Loudspeakers make picking a pair of compliant speakers for a pure valve amplifier easy. Most Opera models will work with the majority of Unison Research’s pure-valve range by meeting the required minimum power, impedance and sensitivity requirements.

Acoustically the two brands also work together perfectly, with Opera Loudspeakers able to accurately deliver the smooth-yet-detailed, life-like musical performance that valves are capable of delivering.

Opera Lifestyle     Opera Lifestyle

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