+Audio is creating an acoustic revolution, with products that offer great design, ease of use and stunning sound. On a personal mission to re-imagine the audio industry, the company brings together over 30 years of experience in audio equipment and furniture design and production to create beautiful audio products designed for people everywhere.

+Audio products perfectly blend affordable quality with the optimal balance of value and sophistication; eschewing unnecessary features and promoting the benefits of style, durability and simplicity.

Leading the creative team is Alexander Åhnebrink, a dynamic Swedish industry visionary with a record of innovation in partnership with some of Italy’s leading design houses.


Simplicity In Use

+Audio stand for great sound for everybody - not just those with 'golden ears'! Contrary to what some may have you believe, you don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate great sound. And great sound should not be confined to complex hi-fi seperates systems. When it over-complicates its products, the audio industry leaves behind a huge number of music lovers; people that simply want great sound from a beautifully designed one-box solution.

This is where +Audio steps in. Formed by a group of passionate music fans, its aim is to bring great quality audio to the wider market. With a vastly experienced design team at its core, +Audio has burst onto the scene with a range of products that are naturally intuitive, and not overly fussy or frivolous – just strong in the virtues you’ll immediately understand and enjoy.

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