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Music Crate systems give you all the benefits of high-quality two-channel audio systems out of one box. Get away from the world of complicated hi-fi systems but step above the poor-quality plastic products that are getting in the way of your musical enjoyment. True hi-fi stereo is the best way to enjoy your music, whether on vinyl or streamed over Bluetooth, but most simple solutions available today compromise on this in various ways.

Specially curated by the technical team at Henley Audio, each Music Crate Issue is only available for a limited time. But with each different Issue release, every system will always be effortlessly simple to set-up while still utilising true hi-fi principles to deliver a sound that is out of this world.

Scroll down to see the latest Music Crate releases on this page and find out more. For advice on set-up or what to do next, click the relevant links below.

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Music Crate Releases

Music Crate Issue One

Pro-Ject Primary E Phono
Jamo DS4

Music Crate Issue Two

Pro-Ject Juke Box E
Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5


How to Set-Up Music Crate

Each Music Crate system is designed to be quick and easy to set-up, and even though each separate product in the system comes with its own user manual, we provide extra advice in the box to make sure you know how to connect everything together (see the Download at the bottom of this page).

For the times when that written information just isn't making sense, we've also shot two set-up videos for greater clarity, depending on which Music Crate Issue you have:

Set-Up Variation One
For use with Music Crate Issue One

Set-Up Variation Two
For use with Music Crate Issue Two


How to Upgrade Music Crate

Each Music Crate system is curated to be complete and ready to rock. But music and hi-fi is a hobby, so we make sure there's always something more that can be done to make it even better. For that reason we've added a variety of upgrade options to each Music Crate Issue product page. Just click on the Upgrades tab, and see what options are open to you...

Music Crate Issue Two

Suggested upgrades include platters, styli and external accessories

Music Crate Issue One

Suggested upgrades include platters, styli, isolation feet and external accessories


Understanding Your Hi-Fi System

We've curated Music Crate to be a great entry point into the world of true hi-fi stereo, with a heavy focus on vinyl playback. We're obsessed with the importance of stereo playback (i.e. sound coming from two, separate speakers), as it's the best way to truly enjoy all the depth, scale and intimacy of a musical performance. If you'd like to understand more about how vinyl works, we've linked some useful resources from our website below, which may help you in your onward journey through the hi-fi hobby.

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