Pro-Ject Launch George Harrison Record Player

19 January 2017

Since its introduction in late-2016, the Essential III from Pro-Ject Audio Systems has been a revelation in the affordable turntable market. Combining stunning cosmetics with exceptional performance, the price-per-pound ratio has been unrivalled, and the initial market response has been phenomenal. As a result of this impact, the Essential III is beginning 2017 by extending into a range of three turntables at various prices.

Essential III
The standard Essential III will be introduced at £239.00 (UK SRP). It incorporates all the benefits of the Essential III that was introduced in 2016, plus it includes a new MDF platter. The new platter’s high-gloss finish provides a smooth platform for the felt mat and vinyl record to sit on. The anti-resonant properties of MDF allow this version to produce a coherent, musical performance that belies the price.

Essential III A
The Essential III A carries all of the features of the original Essential III, including the upgraded Acryl-IT E platter. Acrylic is an ideal playback platform for vinyl records, and produces an open, dynamic sound that arrives at a foot-tapping tempo. Coming in at £279.00 (UK SRP), this version offers unrivalled value for money.

George Harrison Record Player
The family of George Harrison has joined with USM to commemorate the iconic musician’s solo career, with a comprehensive vinyl box-set of all his solo releases. Featuring 12 studio albums, a live album and two 12” picture disc singles all re-mastered from the original analogue tapes at the legendary Capitol studios. To coincide with the launch, Pro-Ject Audio Systems have been asked to produce a special edition turntable specifically to complement the vinyl albums. The result is the George Harrison Record Player.

Boasting an entirely unique appearance, this special edition version of the Essential III A is limited to 2,500 pieces worldwide. The design was created by Studio One, and is based on an exclusive 2014 art-print lithograph designed for the Harrisons by world-famous artist Shepard Fairey. Behind the acrylic platter, you can also faintly see an image of a studio mixing desk, reflecting the re-mastering process the vinyl box-set has undergone.

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