Pro-Ject Launch The Classic SB SuperPack

21 April 2017

With the introduction of The Classic in 2016, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, one of the leading companies in the world of analogue audio, marked their 25th anniversary in some style. Proving an instant success since its introduction, The Classic quickly found its way into the systems of vinyl hi-fi enthusiasts around the world. Now, one year on, the Austrian company are introducing an alternative, “complete package” version of the coveted original, with a series of useful upgrades included.

The Classic will still be available as an affordable option for fans of the design, and offers a great package that can be improved upon extensively with additional upgrades and modifications. The Classic SB SuperPack enters the market as a one-stop solution, with accessories, cartridge upgrades and automatic speed control included in the box.

The Classic SB SuperPack boasts the same elegant “frame” design as the original, with the only technical and visual change to the turntable found in the new integrated speed controller. This intuitive single button control provides Start/Stop and Speed-Change control for the motor for effortless changing between 33 and 45 RPM. The included additional drive belt also allows for 78 RPM rotation, when placed around the larger rung of the pulley.

The Classic SB SuperPack is also supplied with a variety of upgraded accessories, including the Pro-Ject Clamp-IT, Pro-Ject Leather-IT and Ortofon Quintet Red moving coil cartridge. So users don't need to head back to the shop for more bits - everything you could possibly need is included in the box.

The Classic SB SuperPack is available in the same stylish Walnut, Rosenut and Eucalyptus finishes as the original model.

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