Dealer Spotlight: Audio Lounge

05 February 2018

Every month we turn our focus to one retailer from our wide-ranging dealer network, in order to highlight the importance of good, local service when buying your latest piece of hi-fi equipment. All the retailers we supply are able to offer a good level of service, and those features in Dealer Spotlight are shining examples of that commitment to supporting each and every customer they interact with. This month, we're turning our attention to Marylebone, London,  home to Audio Lounge.

Audio Lounge are unique in the world of high fidelity audio system retailers. They were established by Ajay Shirke, one of the founding fathers of high-end audio excellence.
“We are not just retailers, we design, craft and manufacture many systems ourselves as part of the Cadence Group. This means we are able to control much of the development and delivery of your system personally for you.”

The group includes British based Spendor Audio Systems, which grew out of expertise from the BBC’s sound engineering department in the 1960s, and Siltech and Crystal Cables from the Netherlands, known for their highly acclaimed Arabesque speakers and cutting-edge cable technology. If you can spare the time, we’ll take you to visit our factories to see our designers, engineers and craftsmen as they hand-build your speakers with your personally selected finishes.

Our skill lies in engineering your truly memorable entertainment moments, whether listening to your favourite artists, watching your favourite movies, spending intimate time with your family and friends or those precious, all-too-rare moments alone - we are dedicated to your pure listening pleasure.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, get in touch using the contact details below...


Address: 138 Wigmore Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 3SG, UK
Telephone: 020 7487 4080
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