Ortofon Introduce Anniversary Stylus Upgrade

27 February 2018

The Stylus 2M Blue 100 is a special edition production run of the Stylus 2M Blue, and is the first Ortofon product to wear the new 100th Anniversary logo. Featuring the same technical specifications as the original 2M Blue, the model has been released to promote stylus upgrades for existing Ortofon customers throughout the company’s centenary year.

With thousands of 2M Reds sold and even more 2M Reds and 2M Silvers supplied as standard on high-quality turntables from a multitude of manufacturers the world-over, an upgrade to the Stylus 2M Blue has the potential to lift the musical experience of tens of thousands customers around the world, and the Stylus 2M Blue 100 aims to achieve that in the most cost-effective way possible.

Popular 2M Blue sound

Special Anniversary Edition

Though it boasts all the same features as the standard 2M Blue, including the Nude Elliptical diamond, proprietary suspension system and broad frequency range,  the Stylus 2M Blue 100 will be launched at a special price of only £100.00 (UK SRP) – a £35.00 saving on the regular model. From April 2018 the price will change to £110.00.

Available throughout 2018, there has never been a better time to upgrade your vinyl listening experience with the Stylus 2M Blue 100. 

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