Pro-Ject Audio Systems in Harrods

26 April 2018

What a year so far for Pro-Ject Audio Systems, a brand new headquarters, new expanded and ultra modern manufacturing plant, more rave reviews and now a selection of products are being showcased with Bang & Olufsen in Harrods - London! As you will probably know, Harrods are world renowned as being one of the UK's premium department stores, offering the finest in luxury products.

Harrods was founded in the East End of London in 1834 and quickly became renowned around London. They relocated to Knightsbridge in 1849 but sadly the store fell victim to a fire in the run up to Christmas, 1883. It seemed almost impossible for them to meet their Christmas orders but against all odds, they did, they even managed to make a few new orders. Since then, Harrods have moved from strength to strength and are now renowned a the place to go to for a premium shopping experience where you can find everything from tea to designer dresses, and now, world class hi-fi.


One of the models on display is the pheonomenal sounding Essential III, part of the FlexiRange which means you don't have to choose between performance and convenience. The Essential III reatails its simple, yet elegant design but is now finished in a selection of hand finished, high gloss finishes. Sonically too, the Essential retains its neutral characteristics, lettng the music speak for itself.

You will also find the Debut Carbon Esprit SB, based on the multi award winning, legendary Debut Carbon. Launched in the late 1990's, the Debut quickly put Pro-Ject on the map as offering the best musical performance while maintaining a low cost, this has been their ethos since the company's inception in 1990. The Debut Carbon Esprit SB is available in a choice of three high-quality gloss finishes and it is supplied with a stunning acrylic platter to staisfy those who crave striking performance and looks.

Next on the list is the striking 2 Xperience Acryl which uses a clear acrylic plinth to achieve very high levels of performance as well as a unique appearance. The acrylic is then combined with a 9 inch Carbon Fibre tonearm to finish the deck off nicely.

The ensemble is finished with something special, the Xtension 9 SuperPack. This is the first high-mass design from Pro-Ject which features in all their high-end turntables. Heinz Lichtenegger recently said in an interview "Once you have a have a high-mass turntable and a big pair of speakers in your system, you'll never go back" and we tend to agree. The Xtension 9 uses a combination of aluminium and high gloss finished MDF to achieve a contemporary, semi industrial appearance and world beating performance in one easy to use package. The complete result is a turntable that sounds smooth and assures, yet is certainly no slouch when it comes to diggin deep into the groves in search of detail.

In addition to the array of astonishing turntables showcased, Bang & Olufsen have now displayed a true high-end turntable. The Pro-Ject Audio Systems Signature 10 is a true audiophile creation, taking all the elements of the flagship Signature 12 turntable but the more compact plinth and shorter tonearm make it easier to live with whilst sacrificing as little as possible in terms of performance over the Signature 12.

To accompany some of Pro-Ject's most popular, stylish turntables, you will find an array of Pro-Ject accessories including the Phono Box S2. The Phono Box S2 boasts a sound gield with incredible micro-details, dynamic precision and clearly defined space. By retaining the original models gain, capacitance and impedance adjustments, its possible to get this incredible sound performance with almost any moderncartridge - whether it's a Moving Magner or Moving Coil.

You can find Pro-Ject Audio Systems on display with Bang and Olufsen of Harrods - London, within the famous technology hall on floor 3.

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