Dealer Spotlight: Wilkinsons Hi-Fi

06 June 2018

Every month we turn our focus to one retailer from our wide-ranging dealer network, in order to highlight the importance of good, local service when buying your latest piece of hi-fi equipment. All the retailers we supply are able to offer a good level of service, and those features in Dealer Spotlight are shining examples of that commitment to supporting each and every customer they interact with. This month, we're turning our attention to Nelson, Lancashire, home to Wilkinsons Hi Fi.

We are a family owned business in the North West, with the 4 of us having a lifelong passion for everything Hi Fi. We are one of the last few traditional quirky hifi shops still around. Most customers can’t believe a shop like ours actually still exists. We are not elitist, nor do we talk to you like the hifi shop from ‘Not the 9 o’clock news’ preferring to listen to what you need. We offer advice and then let you decide. We stock everything from radios to esoterica, and with a smile, a brew and a  friendly chat. We aim to help you find something perfect - whatever your budget. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, we also have an “Aladdin’s cave” stocked with the best classic hifi from the past 40 yrs.....not to mention our museum.

As one of Pro-ject & Ortofon’s longest standing dealers and an authorised service centre, we hold most of their great range of turntables, phono stages and accessories. Whether it's just a new stylus or a full renovation/upgrade call Wilkinson's Hi-Fi first.

We love hifi and have been helping our customers love theirs for more than forty years. With new and second hand, great trade in options, two demonstration rooms and an excellent on-site Hi-Fi repairs & service dept, whatever you need we are sure we can help.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, get in touch using the contact details below...


Address: 92 Manchester Road, Nelson, Lancashire,
Telephone: 01282 612901
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