Dealer Spotlight: Gatefold Record Lounge

02 July 2018

Every month we turn our focus to one retailer from our wide-ranging dealer network, in order to highlight the importance of good, local service when buying your latest piece of hi-fi equipment. All the retailers we supply are able to offer a good level of service, and those features in Dealer Spotlight are shining examples of that commitment to supporting each and every customer they interact with. This month, we're turning our attention to Hitchin, Hertfordshire home to Gatefold Record Lounge.

Gatefold Record Lounge, a place where you can hunt for vinyl while drinking craft beer and artisan coffee. Located in Hitchin, Hertfordshire they regularly celebrate the local vibrant music and arts scene with events including vinyl DJ sets, live jazz, art exhibitions and mouth watering street food collaborations. Since opening in 2016, Gatefold have been helping to expand the musical horizons of their customers and learning so much more from them. Their record collection spans a breadth of genres, including electronic, hip-hop, world, jazz, rock, pop, reggae, funk and soul and is constantly growing. Whether you’re looking for the latest releases, essential reissues, or pre-owned classics Gatefold Record Lounge have got you covered.

We believe that the hard work of artists, producers and sound engineers can only be truly appreciated through the unmistakably rich sound of vinyl. To make sure your collection is heard at its best we select quality turntables from Project as well as Klipsch loudspeakers a great fun sound from the USA; as well as carefully selected hi-fi systems and vinyl care kits.

We would love for you to come and pay us a visit so you can experience the next or the first record in your collection at our listening stations, meet like-minded music lovers and enjoy some of the best coffee in Hitchin.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, get in touch using the contact details below...


Address: 61 Hermitage Road, Hitchin, Hertfordshire,
Telephone: 01462 433300
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