Klipsch HP-3 Headphones Available in the UK

06 August 2018

Henley Audio are delighted to announce the UK introduction of the Klipsch® HP-3 headphones and Heritage Headphone Amplifier. After a successful UK unveiling at Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show, the new flagship headphones and matching amplifier are now available to purchase from approved Klipsch Headphone stockists across the country.

Klipsch have long held an enviable reputation for their headphone designs, but they undoubtedly built their name in the audio sector with their iconic Heritage line of speakers – such as the flagship Klipschorn, or the recently announced Forte III. However, company founder Paul W. Klipsch’s first audio experimentation way back in 1919 was with a pair of headphones. To honour that fact, nearly 100 years later, Sr. Manager of Product Development for Klipsch Group Inc., Vlad Grodzinskiy, set to work on “a headphone worthy of the Heritage name”, and he believes of the new HP-3 that:

Acoustically, mechanically and physically this is the most impressive headphone Klipsch has ever created.

Prestigiuous Heritage design characteristics

Supplied with a matching headphone stand

Premium matching DAC/pre-amplifier available

The Klipsch HP-3 headphones are meticulously hand-assembled using the finest and most functional contrasting materials – such as die-cast steel, hand-sanded and polished wood, premium-grade leathers, and machined aluminium. The acoustics of the Heritage HP-3 headphones are based on legendary Klipsch sound principles of high efficiency, low distortion, and full range sound. Its semi-open design creates accurate, natural sound and refined bass with reduced sound pressure for a seamless musical experience. The HP-3 also features a recessed pair of free-edge KG-520 drivers that mimic the imaging characteristics of legendary Klipsch Heritage speakers.

The matching Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amplifier has been designed to deliver a premium, audiophile-grade performance to maximise any headphone’s capabilities – but with a particular focus on the HP-3. Encased in a formed aluminium chassis with a genuine walnut veneer to the top and bottom and heavy-duty switches and volume knob, the Heritage Headphone Amplifier has a vintage aesthetic that masks the ultra-modern technology inside including it's DSD-supported USB DAC and switchable inputs/outputs.

The HP-3 headphones are available across the UK now in Ebony, Oak or Walnut finish.
The Heritage Headphone Amplifier is also available across the UK now with a Walnut top/bottom veneer.

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