An Audience with Pro-Ject Audio Systems

01 September 2018

Henley Audio News Story

The story of Pro-Ject goes back more than 25 years and they are widely recognised as one of the finest turntable manufacturers in the world. The continous investment in research and develepment see's Pro-Ject's constantly developing new models, enabling them to be at the top of their game.

Since August, Pro-Ject Audio Systems have been off on tour across the country, visiting some of the UK's premier hi-fi retailers for The Turntable Experience Tour. They have been showcasing their wide range of products varying from £149.00 - £6,500.00.

Zouch Audio

The first stop on the Pro-Ject Roadshow took us to Zouch Audio in the small town of Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire. The sun was shining, the barbecue was fired up and the demo room was full with everyone eager to see what the latest Henley event was all about. Aside from the array of Pro-Ject turntables and the Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2, they opted to use Luxman amplification and DALI speakers for this presentation. The first note on the first turntable, the Debut Carbon told us that this was a great combination and each step up the range delivered a more musical, more realistic and more engaging performance. 

We were very pleased to see that we had a great group of visitors with a huge variety of different systems, spanning different budgets and different tastes and plenty of Pro-Ject owners. This meant that each part of the demonstration struck different chords with everyone - the demonstration showing the importance of a good cartridge was met with universal praise. We finished the presentation with a lively conversation covering all aspects of turntable design and most importantly, music. 

By this time, the barbecue had warmed up and we were met with a fine feast of barbecued delights to enjoy while we listened to our final statement piece, The Classic VPO. Like the food, this went down a storm. 


Deco Audio

Our second stop on the Pro-Ject Tour took us to Aylesbury and to Deco Audio. Peter and his team had chosen to use a valve amplifier with high efficiency speakers, Audion Silver Knight Special Edition and Audio Note AN-E/SPE to deliver a sublime sonic performance. Like our experience at Zouch Audio, the first note played by the Debut Carbon told us that this was a combination that worked and each improvement in tonearm, platter and cartridge delivered a more engaging, more enjoyable performance. 

This time, the 6 Perpex with Quintet Black was a firm favourite amongst our guests and once again, The Classic VPO, this time paired with the Pro-Ject Phono Box RS, was a huge hit in both sheer musicality and undisputed beauty. Peter had laid on a veritable feast of delicacies accompanied by the best coffee in all of Buckinghamshire. It was great see visitors with a variety of different systems and musical tastes which led to a great afternoon of enjoying great music and great company.


Audio T - Preston

Our second stop on the Pro-Ject Tour was at Audio T in Preston. We presented the Pro-Ject line-up to an enthusiastic group of existing customers, already familiar with the high level of sales experience and profession advice from the staff working here. We used Naim amplification with our own Pro-Ject Audio Tube Box DS2 and a pair of KEF speakers and carried out the days demonstrations in the main showroom area of the shop.

All aspects of the demonstrations were met with excellent feedback from the audience. It was fantastic to see the positive reactions of the visitors to the clear progressive differences as we went through the range. We also looked at and discussed the many aspects of arms, platters, cartridges, plinths and of course the music involved throughout the whole presentation.


Doug Brady Hi Fi

The fourth stop of our Pro-Ject Experience Tour was held at the famous Doug Brady Hi-Fi in Warrington. The staff here have a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of two channel hi-fi. Following a very successful and enjoyable Ortofon Road Show event we held here last year, it made prefect sense to make another visit for this event.

It was very good to see some of the visitors here from last year's Ortofon Road Show and they were all very keen to hear the difference we had to demonstrate. There was a whiole wealth of system combinations owned by those who came and this prompted some interesting discussions. During this series of demonstrations, one of the most popular models turned out to be the 6 Perspex SB (equipped with an Ortofon Quintet Black), being the only fully suspended plinth model in the Pro-Ject catalogue. It was a great pleasure discussing many aspects of the turntables with the attendees and to top it all off, Doug Brady very kindly put on a sumptuous food buffet for everyone to enjoy.


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