Unison Research Unico Due & CD Uno Now Available

08 November 2018

The Unico line from Unison Research, the highly respected Italian hi-fi electronics manufacturer, aims to effectively merge nuanced valve technologies with the power of solid-state amplification to create a clean, musical range of high-fidelity separates. The company’s latest announcements include a new integrated amplifier and a new digital source device, heavily inspired by the range’s flagship models.

The Unico Due is a high-performance integrated amplifier that combines a valve pre-amplifier with a solid-state output stage for a class-leading performance that draws heavy inspiration from the flagship Unico 90 and Unico 150 models. The electronic circuitry of the Unico Due has been completely redesigned from the ground-up. By working to the same brief as previous Unico models, Unison Research have introduced changes in the circuitry, the power supply method, the pre-amp stage, the power amp stage and with the variety of settings and inputs.

The Unico CD Uno, available in the UK for the first time, is a more affordable version of the flagship Unico CD Due. Boasting many of the same features and technologies, it is a full-specification CD player, DAC and Bluetooth receiver with a wide range of features and settings that make it sit comfortably in any high-end audio system.

Both the Unico Due and the Unico CD Uno are available in the UK now.

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