Musical Fidelity M6 PRE and M6 PRX Coming Soon

19 November 2018

Henley Audio are delighted to announce the return of two classic Musical Fidelity products. The M6 series is one of Musical Fidelity’s most popular product lines, but it has not featured a separate pre/power amplifier solution for quite some time. So to address this omission, new owners Audio Tuning have ordered the re-introduction of the hugely popular M6 PRE and PRX models – bringing another high-fidelity amplifier solution to the range, which also features class-leading source devices, including the M6s DAC, M6 Vinyl and the popular M6 Encore Connect.

The M6 PRE and PRX are big, powerful high-end electronics that combine the expected Musical Fidelity sound signature with a range of features and technical specifications that make them a real feat of engineering. Available separately, or for a special bundle price they are a very exciting addition to the range that will delight audiophiles of all tastes and preferences.

When employed in any high-end environment, the M6 PRE and PRX partnership sounds effortless, detailed and fast without a hint of harshness. Connect all your sources with ease and experience the best Musical Fidelity has to offer for a very competitive price.

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