Pro-Ject Introduce Two New Hi-Fi Cartridges

10 December 2018

Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the Austrian hi-fi equipment manufacturer, are recognised around the world for their award-winning range of turntables and analogue hi-fi components. But one key part of any vinyl playback system has been largely absent from their range, until now. With the immediate introduction of the Pick-IT S2 and Pick-IT DS2, Pro-Ject now have a retail-friendly range of cartridges to complement the Pick-IT 25A and Ortofon 2M Silver, which are only available when supplied on one of their turntables.

The new models have been designed and voiced by Pro-Ject Audio Systems, but benefit further from being made at Ortofon’s industry-leading cartridge manufacturing facility in Nakskov, Denmark.

The Pick-IT DS2 is a new Moving Coil concept. Aimed squarely at the passionate vinyl listener who owns a mid-to-high-end turntable, it is designed to be both easy to set-up and engaging to listen to.

The Pick-IT S2 makes use of Ortofon’s iconic Concorde cartridge body. Now widely recognised as a DJ cartridge, the Concorde actually began life nearly 40 years ago as a hi-fi cartridge, and displays optimal characteristics for an engaging sound delivery. The Pick-IT S2 is the perfect solution for the growing number of vinyl fans whose tonearm boasts an SME-style lock-nut for inserting a headshell/cartridge.

Both cartridges are available from stock now.

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