Klipsch La Scala AL5 Now Availalbe

25 March 2019

Henley Audio are thrilled to announce a true icon of the audio industry has been updated, and is now available for demonstration in the UK. The La Scala speaker from Klipsch has long been a must-have speaker for any audiophile. Originally designed for professional use and released for the first time in 1963, the La Scala took its name from the Teatro alla Scala in Italy and aimed to bring to life every nuance of an audio performance. The latest AL5 generation stays true to this tradition, but brings new modern technology and an improved cosmetic appeal to the design.

Often referred to as the “mini Klipschorn”, the La Scala AL5 squeezes the flagship Klipsch Heritage sound into a smaller, two-part framework that’s easier to accommodate and place within a listening environment. Utilising a three-way, fully horn-loaded driver configuration, it boasts such high-efficiency that as little as a few watts of power can deliver a concert-like experience in your home.

Sporting a 1" tweeter, a 2" mid-range driver and the same 15" woofers as the flagship Klipschorn, the La Scala AL5 yields greater acoustic power than its predecessor. What you hear is the most dynamic sound possible for whatever music matches your mood.

The La Scala AL5 are available to order across the UK through approved Klipsch Heritage retailers, and are available for demonstration, by appointment only, at Henley Audio HQ.

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