Pro-Ject Introduce New S2 Products

19 February 2019

Henley Audio News Story

Henley Audio are delighted to announce the introduction of five new products in Pro-Ject Audio Systems' S2 range; MaiA S2, CD Box S2, Stream Box S2, Accu Box S2 and Power Box S2. 

The modular nature of the Box Design range means that your end-system can be as simple or as complex as you want, and it can contain everything from integrated amplifiers to pre-power amplifier combinations, from CD players to Wireless Music Streamers and from Headphone Amplifiers to Digital-Analogue Converters (DACs). The range also consists of a wide variety of accessories to make your system better, including phono stages (for connecting a turntable),  power supplies, speakers and cables.

Box Design exists to bring true hi-fi stereo to the modern music lover. Re-introducing high-quality hi-fi back into the home in a stylish, convenient way.


The MaiA S2 or My Audiophile Integrate amplifier is compact, powerful, feature-rich, elegant and affordable. Building on many years of success in the micro hi-fi realm, it brings a DAC, a phono stage, a wireless receiver, a headphone amplifier and an integrated amplifier all into one compact chassis. Boasting a massive nine inputs, Maia S2 is designed to accommodate any modern source, including turntables, CD players, network music players, computers and wireless devices. This is what starters with ambitious home audio systems need: A small integrated amplifier with ultimate input flexibility, future-proof technology and a core focus on uncompromising sound quality.

The CD Box S2 is a compact slot-load CD player, carefully manufactured to an industrial standard utilising aluminium casework and buttons. Designed to match the S2 electronics line, the added benefit to this design is that its small form-factor allows it to fit easily near any existing audio system. But it’s more than just a convenience piece, as it also features a premium sound performance.

The Stream Box S2 is a high-quality network audio streamer with support for high-resolution data up-to 24-bit / 192kHz. With both ease of use and sound quality at its core, the Stream Box S2 makes playing your music easy – whether it’s owned music stored on your phone or held on a NAS drive, or simply streamed using the world’s most recognised subscription streaming platforms.

The Accu Box S2 is a high-end, accu-driven power supply designed to deliver, clean power to selected Pro-Ject products. Thanks to its incredible synergy with Pro-Ject’s phono products, it can improve your analogue sound system immeasurably when used to power one of the coveted Pro-Ject Phono Box range.

The Power Box S2 is an external power supply for up-to three Pro-Ject devices. With a non-switching power supply and superlative power transmission, including DC filtration which improves the overall sound performance; this stylish box can run a clean, optimised mains supply to myriad devices.

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