Lehmannaudio Introduce New Linear Products

27 March 2019

Henley Audio News Story

In 2019, 15 years after the original Lehmannaudio Linear burst onto the scene, Henley Audio are delighted to announce the UK availability of its new big brother – the Linear II. The Linear II is available in two different forms; the Linear USB II, for users who also want to play high-resolution audio from a PC or Laptop, and the Linear D II, for users who want to upgrade their DAC performance from alternative digital sources.

What makes the Linear II so special is its totally revised analogue circuitry. Featuring a discrete Class A output stage, for an open and natural sound, high-grade Low-Z Copper technology across the PCB circuitry and specially selected components – like the oversized internal power supply and low-loss MKP precision capacitors – the new Linear models deliver physical, punchy lows and startling resolution in an open and natural soundstage over the entire frequency bandwidth, allowing your headphones to fulfil their highest potential.

Linear II models can also function very well as streaming pre-amplifiers for a full hi-fi system (when Gain is set to 0dB and no headphone is connected). With their auto-input detection and sophisticated internal layout, they offer a simple-yet-high-end solution that can easily drive long cables toward a power amplifier or active speakers.

The Linear USB II and Linear D II are truly reference class pre-amplifiers for all dynamic headphones. Utilising a sturdy metal housing with SSC damping feet, for effective decoupling from environmental factors, the aluminium faceplate is available in Black, Silver or Chrome finishes.

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