Klipsch Design Competition

15 April 2019

Over 70 years ago, something very special occured in a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas. In 1946, Paul W. Klipsch, genius, madman and maverick designed and hand-built the legendary Klipschorn loudspeakers with the goal of bringing live music into his living room. Since then, all Klipsch products are designed and engineered in the US.

Now Klipsch have launched their first edition of the Klipsch Design Contest. This contest is part of the brand DNA (avant-gardism, innovation) but it also perpetuates the will of Paul W. Klipsch which was to offer a unique audio experience while using beautiful products. With this contest, the goal is for students to conceive future Heritage Products.

For this first edition, the theme is HERITAGE. Young talents will have to revisit Klipsch's roots to imagine the products which could fit in the Heritage line of products (only the look of the products, not the technology inside). Klipsch are looking for products that customers want to hear and feel.

The two categories are:

There will be two winners chosen per category

  • 1st Prize : €5000
  • 2nd Prize : €2000

Terms and Conditions

The Heritage Design Competition is open to;

  • Students in engineering
  • Students in product design
  • Students in inudstrial design
  • Young talents (under 30 years old) who have graduated from one of the above fields
    Students and young designers have to study and live in either; United Kingdom, France, Spain or Italy. 

Four steps must be completed in order to be accepted, any incomplete applications will be refused.

  1. Candidates must fill in a form with their personal information, including proof they they are a student or a resume if they are no longer studying.
  2. A note to describe the project; where your inspiration comes from, what sets it apart, what materials would be used and what the dimensions are etc.
  3. Images (sketches, renderings, 3D images)
  4. Video, to help explain an idea or project (optional)

Each applicant can propose a project in each category.
All applications must be in English.
All applications must be submitted by 15th June.
Incomplete Applications will refused

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