New Ortofon Products Coming to the UK

03 June 2019

Henley Audio are delighted to announce a new flagship joins the prestigious exclusive series moving coil cartridge range from Ortofon, one of the world's leading pick-up cartridge manufactureres.

When it was first released in 2012, the MC Anna represented one of the most technically perfect cartridges on the market. It was only bettered in the Danish company's exclusive series by the limited edition MC Century in 2018. Inspired by the technical developments untertaken in the MC Century project, Ortofon have now added a new permanent addition to their range with the MC Anna Diamond.

The MC Anna Diamond represents the highest echelon of moving coil cartridges. It uses a Diamond cantilever that, in combination with the Ortofon Replicant 100 diamond stylus, offers  unrivalled transparency, speed and responsiveness in its information retrieval. The housing of the MC Anna Diamond is made using Ortofon's pioneering SLM technique, able to provide absolute freedom from resonance.

With an output impedance of 6Ω and a low-to medium output voltage of 0.2mV, the MC Anna Diamond is easy to partner with most phono pre-amps and step up transformers. It's also an ideal match for high-mass, high-precision tonearms with gimbal bearing systems. The MC Anna Diamond is a true high-end hi-fi statement.

Also part of the Exclusive Seried is the MC A Mono, a high-end moving coil cartridge for mono records. The MC A Mono is based on the high-tech MC A 95 anniversary cartridge, like other Exclusive Series cartridges it makes use of the company’s best stylus profile and the company's pioneering SLM technique for the housing. The MC A Mono is a unique offering, helping vinyl enthusiasts with mono record collections enjoy their music like never before.

Additions to Ortofon's latest announcements are the ST-70MC Transformer, designed for discerning audiophiles and music lovers to elevate the overall performance of their vinyl hi-fi system. Optimised for premium Moving Coil (MC) cartridges and designed to take pressure off the phono stage, the ST-70 combines high-end components along with world-class engineering, for unparalleled sound reproduction.

The Ortofon Super OM 5E is an introductory overhead mount cartridge featuring an Elliptical stylus that provides balanced and distortion-free playback and an improved generator system compared to the standard OM 5E. The OM Series is the lowest-mass range of moving magnet (MM) cartridges offered by Ortofon, and combined with their minimal design allowing for easy mounting and alignment and clear, loud output for easy pairing with a phono stage, they fully justify their "Optimum Match" (OM) name.

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