Dealer Spotlight : Moorgate Acoustics

05 August 2019

Every month we turn our focus to one retailer from our wide-ranging dealer network, in order to highlight the importance of good, local service when buying your latest piece of hi-fi equipment. All the retailers we supply are able to offer a good level of service, and those features in Dealer Spotlight are shining examples of that commitment to supporting each and every customer they interact with. This month, we're turning our attention to Sheffield, home to Moorgate Acoustics.

Moorgate Acoustics was founded in by Keith Hobson in 1981 with the aim of helping discriminating customers get better sound at home. Keith was an engineer by trade who’s passion for music led to a keen interest in Hi-fi as the best means to appreciate it. He was a customer of the local hi-fi shops long before redundancy gave him the chance to open his own. He used his experiences good and bad to shape the things that Moorgate would do and the way in which it would look after its customers.

Paul, his son joined the business part time in 1982 and became a full-time member of staff late in that same year and now heads up the business He started off as tea boy and general dogsbody and learned what he could about the equipment that they sold back then from our store at the foot of Ship Hill in Rotherham. Since then, Moorgate Acoustics has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the UK’s premier HiFi stores. Alongside Paul Hobson, you will find Paul Cooper and Doug McCarthey in the store.

You will find a wide range of Project turntable and phono stages here as well as Ortofon. We will be attending some events being held later in the year at the store, showing the virtues of Sweetvinyl and on the 14th of November, the Ortofon Roadshow will be stopping here.

In early 2019, they opened WAX, a dedicated record store located in the basement of the store, focusing on Classic Rock, Blue and Jazz genres in both CD and LPs. They recently began stocking a good range of Mobile Fidelity and Audiophile pressings and new albums are being added on a daily basis.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, get in touch using the contact details below...


Address: 643-645 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, Sheffield, Yorkshire, S8 0RY,
Telephone: 0114 2756048
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