What Hi-Fi? Best stereo amplifiers 2019 feature the M2si

04 November 2019

Henley Audio News Story

The Musical Fidelity M2si has been justifiably rewarded What Hi-Fi's 2019 Best Stereo Amplifier!

The M2si integrated amplifier takes Musical Fidelity’s peerless premium sound experience and applies it to a more affordable price point. Boasting trickle-down technology from the legendary Titan flagship model, the sound is well complemented by other high-end touches, such as the solid metal controls.

“The Musical Fidelity M2si doesn't have the features list of most rivals – there are no digital connections, no phono stage and no wireless connectivity – but that means every penny you spend on it goes straight to making a great-sounding amplifier. Its performance is massively refined and pleasantly entertaining, and leaves plenty of scope for upgrades with those aforementioned peripherals."

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