Musical Fidelity M2si Price Promotion

21 February 2020

Henley Audio News Story

The highly capable and meticulously engineered M2si integrated amplifier is now available at the reduced price of £599. The premium sound of the M2si can now be experienced by more people than ever before. With a saving of £200, and the appeal of the M2si’s sonic capabilities and effortless control system, it has more to boast than its rivals.

The perfect amplifier for any system, not only does the M2si deliver audiophile quality sound, but also benefits from high-end solid metal design elements, creating a luxury experience, now for a fraction of the price. This offer is only open to customers purchasing a new M2si unit from authorised Musical Fidelity retailers in the UK and Ireland. For more information, please contact your local dealer.

The M2si promotion is exclusively offered by Henley Audio to authorised dealers in the UK and Ireland.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Musical Fidelity M2si Promotion is offered by Henley Audio, only for customers in the UK and Ireland and only covering the M2si integrated amplifier in black and silver finish.
  2. Offer runs from February 21st 2020 – May 31st 2020, inclusive.
  3. Offer is only available when purchasing through authorised Musical Fidelity dealers, supplied by Henley Audio.
  4. During the price promotion, no other previously running promotions relating to the M2si are available.
  5. Promotion is only valid on new M2si purchases (no B-Stock, Ex-Demo or Graded products) made within the promotional window.
  6. All sales are handled exclusively by the retailer, and are subject to their own terms and conditions as well.
  7. Promotion can be withdrawn by Henley Audio before the planned end-date with no prior notice.

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