SUMIKO Introduce Songbird Low Output MC Cartridge

13 May 2020

Henley Audio are pleased to announce the introduction of the Songbird Low Output moving coil cartridge from SUMIKO. The premium open architecture model was previously available as a high output option, but now customers have a choice of two outputs, to suit any analogue hi-fi system.

The Songbird was created to take the iconic Blue Point Special and enhance the design for a step up in both construction and fidelity, taking a great leap toward true high-end audio.

No aspect of the cartridge's design was left to chance. Inspired by the range-topping Starling, the Songbird is an open-architecture moving coil cartridge that excels at providing rich vocals, while also delivering low-mids and bass with poise and control. The benefit of the physical design is that resonances often associated with external housings are eliminated in the Songbird, yet to enhance this further the cartridge also boasts a CNC-precision milled high-grade aluminium mounting plate so the cartridge system can perform effortlessly.

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