Lehmannaudio Introduce the Black Cube II

18 November 2020

Henley Audio are delighted to announce the latest addition to the Lehmann cataloge, the Black Cube II. Offering superior audiophle quality, the Black Cube II delivers a truthful rendering of any quality recording from a compact chassis that looks great in any hi-fi rack. Supplied with an external power supply, it's a great addition to any aspiring audiophile-grade system.

The Black Cube II combines the proven quality of Lehmannaudio's iconic Black Cube phono stage with the upgraded connectors and enclosure of the superior Black Cube SE II. The ultra precise, passive RIAA filter network of the Black Cube II sits between two linear gain stages and is created using super-grade, high-transient, close-tolerance polypropylene foil caps. Hence this phono preamp offers the impressive, pure sound image of the premium device league at an attractive entry-level price tag. The Black Cube II is a new classic, boasting a custom-designed power supply for a wide, distortion-free dynamic range.

In typical Lehmannaudio style, the Black Cube II allows virtually any moving magnet (MM) or moving coil (MC) cartridge to shine and achieve its fullest potential, eliciting from your favourite music the complete sound spectrum of the original recording. Owing to the lavishly configurable bass filter with 16 different possible settings, the Black Cube II can be perfectly tailored to your tonal preference. Its peerless dynamics let you rediscover old and new recordings – as if it was your first time!

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