Pro-Ject Audio Systems Sweep-IT S2 Now Available

22 September 2020

Henley Audio are delighted to announce the immediate availability of a new analogue accessory from the turntable specialists at Pro-Ject Audio Systems. The Sweep-IT S2 is a high-quality anti-static record cleaning arm, bringing convenience, great sound and longevity to vinyl record playing systems at an attractive price.

As opposed to almost every other cleaning solution, which requires you to clean your records while they’re not playing; Sweep-IT S2 cleans in real time, just before the groove reaches the cartridge. Position Sweep-IT S2 on your turntable and make sure that the brush is placed in front of the needle when the record starts. Simple as that.

The Sweep-IT S2 from Pro-Ject Audio Systems is an ideal accessory for analogue afficionados who are looking for new ways to get the best sound from their beloved turntable.

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