Introducing The New Musical Fidelity M6x ViNYL

27 January 2021

Henley Audio are delighted to announce the re-design of a classic Musical Fidelity product. The M6 series is one of Musical Fidelity’s most popular product lines, but it has not featured a separate pre/power amplifier solution for quite some time. So to address this omission, new owners Audio Tuning have ordered the revision of the hugely popular M6 ViNYL. – bringing another high-fidelity pre-amp solution to the range, which now features balanced inputs and fully discrete circuitry to produce the vivid and dynamic sound Musical Fidelity products are known for.

The M6x Vinyl is designed in such a way to ensure you cannot overload the input stage or encounter any practical limitations in the output driving capacity during regular use whether running in single-ended or balanced modes. It has three inputs, and each can be individually set for either MM/MC and loading each also then remembering its own settings while offering state-of-the art technical and sonic performance at a very competitive price . It is the epitome of the true spirit of high-end audio.

While updating from the M6 Vinyl to the M6x Vinyl, we have switched to an entirely discrete circuitry, which results in better technical measurements and better sound. It is equipped with one balanced input and output as well as two single-ended inputs and one single-ended output to fit well into any vinyl HI-FI system.

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