Pro-Ject Theft - December 2020

26 November 2020


Henley Audio unfortunately need to report that on a recent shipment into the UK, a quantity of Pro-Ject Audio Systems turntables were stolen in a night-time breach of a shipping trailer.

While parked overnight in Aylesford, Kent, a shipping trailer booked by Transbritannia as part of a regular stock shipment to Henley Audio was broken into and nearly 70 turntables were stolen. Unfortunately we now need to assume that these products will be made available for sale in the UK through an unauthorised source. Due to the fact the product is stolen, we are publishing the serial numbers of the affected products, so purchasers can be aware that when purchasing from non-authorised Pro-Ject Audio Systems retailers they could well be purchasing stolen goods. Please see the complete list of stolen serial numbers below…


Pro-Ject Juke Box S2 (Walnut)

18S056834 18S056876 18S072166
18S056987 18S056892 18S072167
18S056854 18S056904 18S072171
18S072154 18S056907 18S072270
18S072144 18S056908 18S072288
18S056979 18S072115 18S072305
18S056836 18S072120 18S072318
18S056837 18S072151 18S072328
18S056838 18S072153 18S072392
18S056848 18S072157 18S072398
18S056851 18S072159 18S072424
18S056858 18S072161 18S072442
18S056873 18S072162  


Pro-Ject Juke Box E (Piano Black)

20S085441 20S085501 20S085521
20S085445 20S085502 20S085522
20S085484 20S085504 20S085524
20S085485 20S085505 20S085525
20S085491 20S085506 20S085526
20S085492 20S085508 20S085517
20S085493 20S085509 20S085500
20S085494 20S085510 20S085516
20S085495 20S085514  
20S085499 20S085519  


Pro-Ject Primary E (Black)



All goods in the list above will have no warranty support from Henley Audio or Pro-Ject Audio Systems, and customers who purchase these items are encouraged to report their seller to the necessary authorities. The crime reference number from Kent Police is 240113. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your next Pro-Ject Audio Systems purchase, always reach out to an authorised stockist, listed on and, or contact Henley Audio on 01235 511 166.