Phono Box RS2 Announced

16 December 2020

Henley Audio are please to announce that the Pro-Ject Phono Box RS2, a fully balanced, and discrete phono preamp of the highest class, is now avaliable in the UK, and makes its way into the RS2 catalogue. 

The Phono Box RS2 is the ultimate phono preamplifier. It is fully balanced from the input to the output, boasts electronics that are fully discrete, no op-amps are in use and it uses split passive RIAA and DECA equalization. The Phono Box RS2 features the most advanced controls to be seen on any phono preamp in this price class, it is an incredibly powerful tool for high-end enthusiasts and professionals who are looking to dive deep into all the settings and features the Phono Box RS2 has to offer. 

The Phono Box RS2 has a steel chassis which is covered by screwed aluminium panels. This construction brings very good rigidity and excellent isolation against interferences. Working with hundreds of fractions of microvolts, everything is playing its role. Phono Box RS2 is available in silver or black.


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