Introducing the Opera Callas Diva

19 May 2021

Henley Audio News Story

Henley Audio are proud to announce the introduction of the reimagined Callas Diva to Opera’s Callas Series. Opera’s new addition replaces the previous model with the same name. Although, there is a significant reduction in volume, the performance of the new Callas Diva is at the same level as the Grand Callas model making it perfect for use in a smaller room. The Callas Diva has maintained the best features of the 2014 Grand Callas model, offering high-quality sound and a system that adapts to the environment. Similar to the other models in the Callas Series, the aesthetically pleasing cabinet is available in an option of finishes: Mahogany or Walnut.

All Opera speakers benefit from a fusion of traditional Italian craftsmanship in cabinet making and the most advanced acoustic technologies available. All are built with top-quality materials and have sound performance at their core. Although they are pleasant to listen to, all Opera speakers also boast a sophisticated visual design that easily fits into the modern home.

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