HiFi Rose RS150 Transition

02 July 2021

The HiFi Rose RS150 is transitioning to a new name internationally, to correspond with a necessary part change brought about by the unfortunate AKM chip factory fire that occurred in 2020 and its corresponding effect on global parts availability.

The original RS150 was built around the AK4499EQ chip, which is no longer widely available on the market. The new RS150B is instead built around the equally coveted ESS SABRE ES9038PRO. All other aspects of the original RS150 design remain unchanged, and the sonic signature is the same as originally intended.

The chip change does have an effect on some specifications, as detailed below, but the overall user experience remains unchanged.

Stock will be transitioned as original RS150 stock becomes unavailable, and will be seamlessly transitioned to RS150B.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Us.




DAC Chip

ESS Technology, SABRE ES9038PRO Asahi Kasei VERITA AK4499EQ

Output Level

6.5Vrms (Balanced)
2.2Vrms (Unbalanced)
9.0Vrms (Balanced), 4.5Vrms (Unbalanced)


0.0002% (Balanced, 1KHz 6.5Vrms)
0.0003% (Unbalanced, 1KHz 2.2Vrms)
0.0002%(Balanced,1KHz 9.0Vrms)
0.0003%(Unbalanced,1KHz 4.5Vrms)


0.0003%(Balanced, 1KHz 6.5Vrms)
0.0004%(Unbalanced,1KHz 2.2Vrms)
0.0003%(Balanced, 1KHz 9.0Vrms)
0.0005%(Unbalanced,1KHz 4.5Vrms)


-103dB (Balanced), 118dB (Unbalanced)
SMPTE 4:1, 60Hz:7kHz
-101dB (Balanced), -100dB (Unbalanced)
SMPTE 4:1, 60Hz:7kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio

121dB (Balanced),118dB (Unbalanced)
120dB (Balanced), 117dB (Unbalanced)

Dynamic Range

Max 132 dB (CCITT filter) Max 132dB (CCITT filter)

Stereo Crosstalk

Max -138dB, 20-20kHz Max -138dB, 20-20kHz

Output Frequency Response

20Hz to 20,000(+/-0.5dB) 20Hz to 20,000 (+/-0.5dB)

Output Impedance

50Ω 100Ω