Introducing T5 II ANC True Wireless Earphones

02 August 2021

Henley Audio are pleased to present the second generation of the much-admired T5 II predecessor, introducing: T5 II ANC True Wireless Earphones. This new advancement of earphones has been updated for maximum comfort by minimising the earbud and nozzle, including six pairs of patented oval ear tips for a perfect fit and seal. Furthermore, a new signal boost antenna delivers a high-quality, seamless Bluetooth® wireless technology connection.

With this new release, Klipsch have also announced a brand new ANC McLaren Edition, as the Official Headphone and Portable Audio Partner of the McLaren Formula 1 team. The two companies have collaborated to combine McLaren’s unparalleled design ethos and technical innovation with Klipsch’s legendary high-fidelity audio and unparalleled comfort. The T5 II ANC True Wireless McLaren Edition - engineered for extreme performance in the most extreme environments.  

T5 II True Wireless ANC Earphones are the world’s first True Wireless earphones integrated with Dirac® HD Sound - a state of the art digital audio performance enhancement technology. This audio optimisation emphasises the T5 II True Wireless ANC’s signature sound by improving staging, clarity, vocal crispness and bass fidelity. Klipsch also enhanced this model with built-in Bragi® operating system. This embedded artificial intelligence allows a hands-free, advanced gesture-controlled experience where accepting calls is as easy as nodding your head. This advanced and innovative operating system enables new functionality to the life of this product. 

Learn more about T5 II ANC True Wireless and the ANC McLaren Edition Earphones.