HiFi Rose Introduce the RSA780 CD Drive

27 August 2021

Henley Audio are pleased to introduce the immediate availability of the new HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive. The isolated design, low noise and anti-vibration features make this accessory the perfect companion to any HiFi Rose player. The RSA780 CD Drive can not only be used for CD playback but also CD ripping, where users can connect to the ROSE OS application or any computer to conveniently import their favourite songs from CDs onto their HiFi Rose player with just one touch.
The RSA780 applies high-performance insulators that minimise noise and vibrations that can occur when a CD is running. In addition to this, the RSA780 is a total weight of 900g making it an ideal weight for CD playback. This overall mass reduces vibrations that were previously transferred through to the spinning disc and the pick-up laser.

To keep the signal as clean as possible, the RSA780 also features a USB-B type port that uses audio-only USB A-B cables including the HiFi 7NOCC USB 2.0 A-B data cable provided.

The CD Drive and player (ROSE) are separated electrically, so only pure music data is transmitted through USB. In addition to this, the slot-loaded insertion of CD’s ensures a slimline aesthetic and ease of setup that can have users listening to their music in seconds.

The RSA780 can easily be connected with HiFi Rose RS150, RS250 and RS201, with a dedicated cable for the RSA705.

To learn more about the RSA780, you can view it here in our Product Catalogue.