Ortofon Introduce MC Verismo

30 September 2021

Henley Audio News Story

We’re delighted to announce that Ortofon have announced the imminent availability of a new high-end moving coil cartridge, to join the Danish company’s coveted Exclusive Series range. The MC Verismo takes its moniker from the post-Romantic operatic genre of the same name and is so-called because of the genre’s quest to portray greater “realism”.

The MC Verismo has been developed thanks to Ortofon’s extensive knowledge of vibration properties within different shape and material compositions, as well as their competencies in magnetism, micro-mechanical design and other advanced technologies. This new cartridge is perfectly representative of everything Ortofon seek to achieve, and when connected into an appropriate system will allow listeners to experience the supreme quality, precision, impact and dynamics that a high-end reference cartridge conveys.

Leif Johannsen, Chief Officer of Acoustics and Research at Ortofon, says of the new cartridge: “The MC Verismo is, as being a part of our Exclusive Series, one of our most advanced cartridges to date! And it is very unique that we have been able to create this state-of-the-art cartridge within this price range. The MC Verismo delivers cutting edge sound, and conveys music with supreme precision, impact and dynamics thanks to the technology based on Ortofon’s highest-performing Moving Coil cartridges. It simply has to be experienced.”

Available during Q4 2021, the MC Verismo is a new solution for people interested in high-end sound.

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