Lehmannaudio announce Decade Jubilee

08 October 2021

Henley Audio News Story

We are delighted to announce the release of a new phono preamplifier from Lehmannaudio, The Decade Jubilee. The Decade Jubilee re-envisions the sleek stability of its predecessor The Decade, yet remains ambitious enough to perform at optimal levels by sharing design principles from its older brother, The Silver Cube. The Decade Jubilee is guaranteed to captivate you with its clarity and truly connect with the listener. 

The New Phono Preamp from Lehmann Audio, really adopts the meaning behind its name of a Ceremonial celebration through the incorporation of upgraded internal electrics & components from its forerunner, both in the unit’s power supply and through to the Phono Stage itself. The device incorporates a Dual-Mono concept that’s primary focus is to eradicate crosstalk behaviour within the module and additionally benefiting the signal paths by ensuring these are kept minimal, for more optimal transference of audio playback.  

The Layout and Design of the Decade Jubilee remain in conjunction with the Standard Decade, not just for sake of continuity but more so, for its convenient proportions and trim aesthetic. 

Maintaining the Same Design Principles as its little brother The Decade, The Jubilee version boasts the same ease of use and practicality that will only further enthral the user. Selection and varying between cartridge settings has never been so straightforward with the Decade’s switches and controls, the principal functions have all remained on the front via toggles, allowing for more time sitting back and immersing yourself in the music. 

The Corresponding Power Supply for the Audio Section of this unit has received elaborate enhancements both in materials and electrics, that transform it to a truly appropriate sovereign energy source, that transforms The Decade Jubilee into a wholly capable and effective Phono Stage, highly suitable for any Hi-Fi System. 

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