Klipsch launch RCS 5.0.4 Dolby Atmos system

13 October 2021

Henley Audio News Story

We are ecstatic to announce the release of another Home Cinema System from one of the leading brands in this field, Klipsch. The New Reference Cinema System Dolby Atmos 5.0.4, creates a new standard not only Compact systems, but even the most high-end systems featuring large floor-standers; whilst the 5.0.4 is built to a small scale, the sound it offers is anything but this as it engrosses the listener in a fully immersive, multi-dimensional home theatre system. 

As the most recent rendition of the Reference Cinema System, boasts all new Satellite Speakers that feature Integrated Dolby Atmos modules to allow for a convincing and powerful playback and enveloping soundstage that virtually disappears. Introducing this capability has taken this new Generation of the RCS to a Deal that would be injudicious to not to consider, especially at the Price Level it is being offered at. 

Part of what makes this Rendition unprecedented against its predecessors is the investment into the principle of ‘bigger is better’. The RCS 5.0.4 has been equipped with Larger Cabinets, Larger Drivers and a Larger Subwoofer, resulting in an entirely novel level of presentation, one not seen previously at this grouping. Utilising Klipsch’s infamous Tractrix Horn principle, there is a great level of emphasis and detail behind every sound, from roaring bass to the quietest whisper. 

As this system requires little to no deliberation regarding Positioning & Placement, this system is ideal for those with constraints regarding structural modifications to the listening environment; moreover, the system is User-Friendly with convenient Set-Up so that even the least Technically-inclined Individual can configure the units

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