Hi-Fi Rose 4.0 Update Information

07 December 2021

Henley Audio News Story


The ROSE OS 4.0 update is now available to download across your Hi-Fi Rose devices. The update brings new features and improvements to the ROSE operating system, and should be installed on your Hi-Fi Rose devices in order to receive the best service and access these changes. 

OS 4.0 brings the following changes: 

  1. Integrated management of stored sound sources and streaming services
    Rose Platform 4.0 provides the integrated management of various streaming services (Music, RoseTube, Tidal, Qobuz, Bugs)
    A. Added integrated home menu
    You can browse the user’s recent activities, My/Friend Playlist, and Rose’s recommended playlist on one screen.
    B. Added integrated search function
    The results for the search word are displayed after searching simultaneously in Music/Rose Tube/Tidal/Qobuz/Bugs.
    C. Added integrated playlist function
    You can put songs of the media type you are using in the playlist at the same time (up to 3000).
    D. Integrated Playlist
    You can save songs from various streaming services in a playlist at the same time, and you can open all the songs to your friends or Rose users by setting the privacy settings of your playlist.

  2. Provide more intuitive and more information on album, track, and playback screens
    From Rose Platform 4.0, the album, track, and playback screens are improved to be more intuitive and provided more information.

  3. Volume offset setting for each source
    In Rose Platform 4.0, you can set the volume OFFSET (-10dB ~ 0dB) for each source. (RS150/RS250)

  4. Digital output volume control with DSP developed by Rose
    Rose Platform 4.0 provides digital volume control using software.

  5. Favorite
    Track, Album, and Playlist can be easily registered and managed in the favorite list, and the number of hearts can be displayed from 1 to 3 according to your preference.

  6. User Picks
    You can share various playlists that you’ve created with Rose users, listen to your friend’s playlist and ‘like’ them.

  7. Improved the song cutoff when resetting audio device due to format change, etc.
    If the audio format is changed, you can set the delay time until DAC is set. (PCM/DSD delay time default: 100ms)

  8. Improved the Media Scanning
    Media scanning time has been improved in Rose Platform 4.0.

  9. Supported Shazam on the radio
    If you are listening to the radio and want to know about song information, you can search for sound source information using Apple’s Shazam by clicking Search.

In order to benefit from more diverse services, users must first register as a member via the Hi-Fi Rose Website. 

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