Introducing the RA180 Integrated Amplifier

28 April 2022

Powerful. Elegant. Complete amplification.  

The RA180 integrated amplifier has been carefully considered, crafted and constructed to challenge contemporary expectations and deliver a near-perfect, natural sound that defies entrenched beliefs. Unique input and output options alongside user-adjustable features to suit any premium audio system ensures the use of this elegant 800W Class AD amplifier is an experience to behold.

The RA180 is unlike anything on the market. The level of flexibility on offer is reflective of the value HiFi Rose aim to deliver at all price points, yet the innovative technology and materials used throughout the design sets the amplifier up as something capable of astonishing soundscapes. It delivers the pure, natural sound passionate music lovers expect, but in an entirely new way. 



Key Features:

  • Premium integrated amplifier
  • Distinctive styling
  • Cutting edge technologies combat component drawbacks
  • Dual Output option for greater isolation
  • Balanced power supply with powerful damping
  • Switchable MM/MC option
  • Faithful reproduction of source material
  • Extremely high frequency range
  • Tone control across Treble, Bass and Balance
  • Dimmable facia
  • Bass-out for an active subwoofer
  • Solid High-purity aluminium construction


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