70 Trolley Case

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  • Classic record case with trolley frame
  • Additional top compartment
  • Lockable Low Profile butterfly locks



The Reloop 70 Record Trolley is a robust and reliable solution for storing and transporting your vinyl collection. The 70 Trolley Case is able to accommodate up to 70 records and comes with extra storage space for cartridges, headphones etc.

Key Features:

  • Classic record case with trolley frame
  • Extremely robust construction made of aluminium-coated wood
  • Rolls on three wheels
  • Additional compartments for headphones, microphone, cartridge, etc.
  • Additional top compartment
  • Telescope handle
  • Lockable Low Profile butterfly locks
  • Interior foam padding for protection
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Rotund safety angles

Technical Data

Weight: 5.5kg
Dimensions: 383 x 483 x 253 mm
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