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  • 2-Way active monitor speaker
  • Ease to use
  • Stylish black gloss finish, with wood construction

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The Reloop ADM-4 active monitor speakers are the perfect addition to any small audio system, whether that's a small listening room system or a DJ's home studio. The ADM-5 have been designed with space-saving in mind; yet despite their small size they still manage to deliver a powerful and enjoyable sound.

With a frequency response of 50Hz - 20kHz, a respectable sound spectrum is reproduced with each low and high peak on the frequency scale accurately reflected. They also manage to generate a generous 16W output, making them a great all-round speaker. Placement is also easy, as the bass drivers are magnetically-shielded, meaning desk-top mounting next to a computer isn't a problem.

As opposed to many monitor speakers made of plastic, the resonance-absorbing body of the ADM-4 are made of high-quality wood; allowing them to offer a well-balanced sound performance. But they're also customisable as well, with high and low tone controls allowing you to tweak the sound to your taste. 

Key Features:

  • 2-Way active monitor speaker
  • Ideal for small to medium listening rooms
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful 16W output
  • Enjoyable sound performance, with tone control
  • Stylish black gloss finish, with wood construction

Technical Data

Design: Active 2-Way Monitor Speaker
Output: 2 x 16W RMS
Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20kHz
S/N Ratio: > 75dB
Bass Drivers: 5.25" Magnetically Shielded
Tweeter: 1" Dome Design
Dimensions: 196 x 260 x 153mm
Weight: 5.04kg
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