• All-in-one turntable system
  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming
  • Powerful, enveloping sound performance

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THE+RECORD PLAYER is a revolutionary concept for vinyl lovers. Entirely different from many "all-in-one" turntable systems elsewhere on the market, it's a high fidelity-grade turntable carefully built into a premium amplifier and speaker system for true high-performance audio from a one-box solution.

Designed for the discerning vinyl enthusiast who doesn't have the space or desire for a complex hi-fi separates system, THE+RECORD PLAYER features patent-pending technology exclusively developed for +Audio by Bob Hazlewood - an audio industry pioneer. The carefully developed system resolves the multitude of problems associated with placing a turntable too near loudspeakers, and still delivers powerful, low-frequency reproduction (down to 50hz) without disturbing resonances or distortions due to acoustic feedback. Hazlewood's smart design also includes two listening modes - "direct" is ideal for personal listening from the comfort of your chair, while "wide" mode delivers room-enveloping sound great for parties or listening while moving around the room. 

With turntable parts developed by world-leaders Pro-Ject Audio Systems and a cartridge sourced from Ortofon of Denmark, THE+RECORD PLAYER has true hi-fi heritage inside and out. It also has all the modern conveniences of automatic speed changing between 33 and 45 RPM and a purpose-chosen RIAA phono pre-amplifier for accurate audio playback.

And don't just think of THE+RECORD PLAYER as "just a turntable system". 

In addition to vinyl playback, THE+RECORD PLAYER includes high-quality wireless Bluetooth streaming and an optical input for connecting a TV or other digital audio source. The USB input features clever two-way technology for recording your vinyl to a PC and for listening to music from your computer or laptop. You also get analogue inputs and a separate headphone output for personal listening  

Simply put, THE+RECORD PLAYER brings a new experience to vinyl enthusiasts. Removing the need for hi-fi separates, THE+RECORD PLAYER is a true all-in-one hi-fi system with hi-fi credentials.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive all-in-one hi-fi system
  • Audiophile-grade turntable built-in
  • Features turntable components from Pro-Ject Audio Systems
  • Ortofon OM 10 cartridge
  • Low-noise Moving Magnet (MM) RIAA phono stage built-in
  • Electronic 33/45 RPM speed selection
  • Two listening modes
  • Two analogue audio inputs
  • Optical S/PDIF input
  • USB CODEC for computer recording and audio file playback
  • Bluetooth streaming built-in
  • Headphone output
  • Luxury walnut panel finish

Technical Data

Function: All-In-One Turntable / Hi-Fi System 
Audio Principal:

Two-Way Bi-Amplified Speaker System
Vibration-Cancelling Architecture
Driver Array:

2 x High-Excursion 3.5" Woofers
2 x 1" Soft-Dome Tweeters
Signal Processing: 56-Bit Double-Precision DSP
Signal-To-Noise Ratio: > 100dB

Class D
100W Max. Power
Turntable Principle: Belt Drive
Turntable Motor: 24-Pole Synchronous Motor
Speeds: Electronic Change for 33 and 45 RPM
Speed Control: Crystal-Stabilized Electronic Controller
Phono Stage:

Low-Noise RIAA
For Moving Magnet (MM) Cartridges

1 x Analogue RCA (pair)
1 x Analogue Mini-Jack (3.5mm)
1 x Optical
1 x Bluetooth (wireless)
1 x USB

1 x Analogue RCA (pair)
1 x USB (for charging smart devices)
USB Codec:

Two-Direction Design
- Record Vinyl Records to PC
- Playback Audio from PC
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