Pre Box RS Digital

  • Switchable DAC chips: 2x PCM1792 or PCM5102 
  • 9 digital inputs: i²S, AES/EBU, Toslink, S/PDIF coax 
  • Output stage switchable between 6922 tube & solid state 

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The Pre Box RS Digital combines all the features of the DAC Box RS with selectable solid-state or tube output stages.

As in all of Pro-Ject’s top-class digital products, they use PCM1792 DAC chips from Texas Instruments, but a new feature in the Pre Box RS Digital is its dual chip mode to achieve ultimate fidelity. As a selectable feature a second DAC chip from Texas Instruments is on board, that can handle up to 32bit/384kHz.

Included on the Pre Box Digital RS is a headphone output with selectable impedances for perfect matching with your headphones.

The Pre Box Digital RS offers 3-dimensional sound-staging, perfect micro dynamics and ultimate resolution combined with flexibility to use a wide range of digital and 1 analogue sound sources.

Combined with the Pro-Ject CD Box RS the Pre Box RS Digital will give outstanding sound experience, because of a I²S connection provided via RJ45 that offers jitter-free disc playback.

Key Features:

  • Switchable DAC chips: 2x PCM1792 or PCM5102 
  • 9 digital inputs: i²S, AES/EBU, Toslink, S/PDIF coax 
  • Analogue: Pre-out XLR/RCA/headphone, RCA input 
  • Headphone amp with adaptable output impedance 
  • Fully balanced double mono design 
  • Output stage switchable between 6922 tube & solid state 
  • Ultra-linear and ultra low noise 
  • Pure Class A circuitry 
  • Blue Alps volume control 
  • Standby-power consumption < 1W 
  • IR remote control included 
  • Available in black and silver

Technical Data

DAC:  DAC 1: 2 x PCM 1792 24/192
DAC 2: PCM5102 32/384
Tubes: 6922 EH
Digital Outputs:  1x USB 2.0 Audio 32/384 + DoP-DSD 64/128
1x RJ45 Sonic I2S for CD Box RS in Sonic Mode
2x S/PDIF 24/192
4x S/PDIF Optical 24/96
1x AES/EBU balanced 24/192 
Line Level Input:  1x RCA/Phono Sockets 
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 50kHz (0dB/0.1dB)
Signal To Noise: -100dB (IEC-A)
THD: Solid State: 0.005%
Tube: 0.25%
Analogue Outputs: Pre-out (XLR & RCA)
Headphone (6.35mm Jack)
Input Impedance: 33kohms (Ω)
Headphone Impedance:  5/20/50 Ohms Switchable 
Outboard PSU: 20V/3A DC
Power Consumption: Solid: 300mA
Tube: 850mA
Standby: 90mA 
Dimensions: 206 x 72 x 230mm (Incl. Sockets)
Weight: 1950g (Without PSU)


Firmware Update:

For DAC Box RS and Pre Box RS Digital units sold before October 2014 there is a firmware update available that adjusts the USB output settings. This update optimises the DAC to work as your main computer audio output device, if that's what you require. This update makes no change to the overall sound quality of the USB port. The download is available in the links below (Pre Box RS Digital Firmware Update (220814)). When you download the zip file, there will be a PDF guide included to show you how to run the update. This is only possible on Windows machines with the Pro-Ject Drivers installed.

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