Speed Box Pulley

  • Replacement pulley to play 78 RPM records
  • Easy to install
  • High quality machine pulley


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The Speed Box Pulley has been designed for use with Pro-Ject turntables that can rotate at 78rpm when combined with the Pro-Ject Speed Box S.

The 78RPM pulley will allow playback of 78rpm records on Pro-Ject’s various speedbox-compliant turntables, whilst also allowing easy switching between 33 and 45rpm. The Pulley is designed to replace the stock pulley supplied with your turntable and is fitted into place by a simple grub screw.


Works with Speed Box S (and turns at 78RPM with Speed Box Pulley):

  • Debut II (later versions with 16V power supply)
  • Debut III
  • Debut S/E3
  • 1.2 (later versions with 16V power supply)
  • 1 Xpression
  • 1 Xpression II
  • 1-Xpression III
  • RPM 4 (later versions with 16V power supply)
  • RPM 5  

Works with Speed Box S (33 and 45RPM only):

  • Essential
  • Essential II
  • 2.9 (later versions with 16V power supply)
  • 2 Xperience (non-DC versions)
  • 2 Xperience Classic (non-DC versions)
  • 6 Perspex (non-DC versions)
  • RPM 1.3 (Genie 3)
  • RPM 9
  • RPM 9.1X
  • RPM 9.2
  • RPM 10
  • RPM 10.1

For more on playing 78RPM records on Pro-Ject turntables, click here.

Part Number: 9120035827708

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