The Pearl

  • Active high-resolution co-axial connected speaker
  • Powerful and ultra-high definition streaming
  • Available in Metallic Black or Pearl White

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The Pearl

The Pearl from Cabasse is a unique, active high-resolution connected speaker that is a result of many years of expertise and technology proven in previous iconic Cabasse speakers. The decorative French-designed speaker is distinctive yet faithful to the Cabasse trademark aesthetics, evoking purity and power where the Pearl is equipped with the most efficient materials. With its refined and powerful design as well as exceptional acoustics, The Pearl is an incomparable tri-coaxial speaker that meets the expectations of the most demanding audiophiles.

Elegant and Noble Materials

The Pearl incorporates a new 25cm subwoofer with up to 30mm of long linear cone excursion that delivers the richest and most dynamic level of bass available on the market. Audio playback is simply spectacular thanks to the dynamic bass control. The patented triaxial configuration of the subwoofer, medium and tweeter drivers offer a compact design, powerful performance and sophisticated 360º response. The overdeveloped thermal dissipater ensures an optimal range of dynamic sound with little distortion at high volumes. 

The Pearl membranes are built from carbon fibre and fibreglass, the dissipators and drivers are constructed from aluminium with a reinforced composite fibre double-shell adorned with pure ‘chromium’ rings and a metal grid covering the face. The Pearl is available in a metallic black or pearl white finish.

Custom-built floor stands and wall support brackets are available to seamlessly fit the loudspeakers into your home. For exceptional audio performance, this speaker is suitable for rooms larger than 35m2.

Ultra-High Definition Streaming and Multi-room

The Pearl integrates effortlessly within the Cabasse StreamCONTROL multi-room system allowing you to play music in multiple rooms simultaneously or vary tracks within different rooms through Cabasse WiFi speakers. The Pearl features hubless HD streaming technology in microseconds and plays audio files from MP3 to ultra-high-definition files.

Stylish Speaker stands and Wall Mounts are available

The Pearl speaker is all about style, and if you want to show your speaker off to its fullest extent the Pearl Stand is the answer. Standing at a height of 86cm and featuring tidy cable routing options, the heavy metal stand, available in black or white finishes, offers a unique curved design that perfectly compliments the striking stylings of the Pearl Speaker. To increase the flexibility of placement even further, the Pearl wall mounts offer the greatest versatility possible. Also available in Black or White finishes; find out more on their product page.

Programmable Bluetooth Remote

The Pearl comes equipped with its own streamlined and ergonomically designed Bluetooth remote control. The rounded remote allows you to easily and intuitively control the subwoofer by adjusting the volume by rotating the outer ring, select the input type, play and pause and select of your choice of music or radio.

Price listed for purchase of single unit only 

Key Features:

  • Triaxial speaker 118dB
  • Exceptional Bridgeless Stereo
  • Ultra-high-definition streaming
  • Minimal interference with single point source
  • Patented Automatic Calibration System (CRCS)
  • SPDIF Optical – Ethernet – USB – Analog Input – WiFi – Bluetooth
  • 25cm woofer with up to 30mm long throw symmetrical drive
  • Coaxial midrange tweeter built from Medium Carbon and Neodymium
  • Programmable Bluetooth remote
  • Stream Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Web Radio and Napster
  • StreamCONTROL app for multi-room playback

Technical Data

Maximum Sound Level: 118dB mono
124 dB in stereo
Bandwidth: 14 - 27000 Hz
Drivers: Medium-tweeter 13 cm (5”) coaxial BCI
Woofer 25cm (13”) 25HELD
Bass: 1000 W RMS / 2000 W peak
Connectivity: Ethernet/WiFi, Bluetooth, SPDIF Optical, RCA Analog,
USB for music on external hard drives
Audio Formats: MP3 – AAC – WMA – AIFF – FLAC - ALAC
Audio formats up to 24 / 192
768kHz / 32 bits DAC
Multi-room: Mono - Stereo with 2 speakers
Hi-Res Multi-room
Compatible Streaming Services: Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Web Radio, Napster
Dimensions: 326 x 327 x 323 mm
Weight: 18kg/40lbs
Version Firmware: 19.06.2
Finish: Metallic Black, Pearl White


Henley Audio News Story

How many Pearl devices can you connect together in one home?

It is possible to connect up to 8 Pearl devices in one home environment when using wi-fi, and 20 when using ethernet network connection. 


What is the internet radio service used in Cabasse StreamControl?

Cabasse use the popular vTuner service for internet radio.



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