SweetVinyl is an entirely new type of company for the hi-fi market. Owned and operated by its two founders, Leo Hoarty and Dan Eakins (both of whom have successfully started and grown a number of high-tech startups in Silicon Valley and together have over 50 years of start-up experience), they have recruited a team of talented hardware designers who have strong experience in both analogue and digital sound design, and software engineers who have decades of experience building and delivering complex projects.

Helped to market by a hugely successful indiegogo campaign, the SweetVinyl team are fuelled by a desire to bring music back to life for audio enthusiasts around the world. Their engineers are constantly exploring new ways to enhance your listening experience, or to make another aspect of your audio life even easier.


The SugarCube™ is a line of all-in-one vinyl noise removal and recording/playback components. The SugarCube SC-1 and SC-2 are the first audiophile-grade products to enable non-destructive click & pop removal on any vinyl LP record in real-time. The SC-2 also records digitally - providing automatic LP metadata identification and tagging, track splitting and recording to connected USB storage.

SweetVinyl introduced SugarCube through an Indiegogo campaign, but the technology deployed in these products is the culmination of several years of research and development into the recovery of master-tape quality recordings from early vinyl pressings. During this time the founding team has created thousands of digital recordings of vinyl LPs and produced reverse-mastered LPs for Universal and Warner Music (UMG and WMG) as part of the development of the technology. With the SugarCube SC-1 and SC-2, the team has brought the proven commercial solution to home audio enthusiasts.

Nothing so widely available has been available to the domestic hi-fi market before, signalling a fresh opportunity for audio enthusiasts around the world to bring their old, previously unplayable vinyl records back to life.

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