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Guildford Audio was started by Trevor as a direct result of the lack of high-end dealers in the Surrey area. The dealers that do exist in the immediate and surrounding areas did not seem to meet the needs of many of the potential customers in this market sector and consequently left a void in the supply of quality equipment.
The company had not existed for much time before it was apparent that the true extent of the demand was towards quality components. As always there is a need to demonstrate the actual abilities of a well put together system as against the promised performance of many locally sourced mid-range components, it seems today as always the tendency is to push the sales of equipment with decent margins as against what the customer could really achieve with the same level of finance.
What is gratifying has been the quantity of clients that have seen through the sales jargon given out by some dealers and have a good understanding of the products they seek. This makes our job so much easier and frankly rewarding when customers leave with products that meet their needs at a price they are happy with.
I hope you will be satisfied with our service as much as our current customers have voiced their satisfaction.

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