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Wifi-Hifi and and its sister company Showman Audio-Visual Ltd (our Commercial and Installation arm) has been designing, selling, installing and hiring Audio-Visual equipment for 10 years. Wifi-Hifi is based in Hastings selling Mid to High-End HiFi and Home Cinema products. This gives you access to the some of the best names in the Industry. Our client base is mainly in the South East and London but we have many satisfied customers from all around the UK including the Imperial War Museum.To compliment our visual products we can supply a wide range of audio systems to intergrate with Displays or use as 'Stand Alone' HiFi equipment for those with a preference for audio only. As you would expect, we stock the accessories needed for you to Control, Link, Connect or 'Stream' your equipment.

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30 South Street,
East Sussex,
BN21 4XB,

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