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Opened in November 1979 The Music Room was Scotland's first high end audio retailer, and since then we have become synonymous with the very best brands our industry has to offer. Always run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, our forward looking policies included building the UK's first demo room, as well as being the first to offer two year warranties on all new equipment. We even drafted the founding charter for BADA. And our own founding aim has never changed: to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and to forge long-term relationships built upon a mutual passion for music.Back then it was my ambitious dream to one day build the finest audio establishment the world had ever seen, and as each year passed, a new stepping stone was placed on the pathway towards that goal. So today - in UK terms at least - we currently boast the very finest portfolio, the largest selection of on-site equipment, and the most relaxed and spacious demonstration environment, spread over three floors of a beautiful Edwardian townhouse.Ironically, as more and more listeners gravitate towards the use of MP3 and computer hard drive based systems to the exclusion of all other options, audiophile-grade manufacturers have taken massive leaps forward in achieving their aim of creating the atmosphere and excitement of a live musical event within the comfort of your own home. We have nothing against iPods or streaming devices, but take the time to pay us a visit and you will very quickly realise that if nourishing & reinvigorating music is truly important to you then a carefully chosen system, designed and hand-crafted by artisan experts, will deliver so much more long-term satisfaction.Audio consultancy is a specialist field like any other profession, and that is why the retailers who succeed in coming through tough economic times are the ones who stick to their principals - not chasing crass commercial opportunities, or being seduced by the latest flavour of the month. We hold the firm belief that a rewarding hi-fi system is an investment in your own well-being and happiness. So, take a deep breath, and a step back from the day-to-day, and we guarantee you will be amazed at just how life-enriching a Music Room system can be.Please accept the very warmest of invitations to visit us soon. And always remember, this is supposed to be about good old-fashioned fun! We do take this stuff seriously, but we also know that's it's easy to get bogged down in issues which ultimately lead us to spend less time actually listening to music - and that really is missing the whole point.


The Music Room

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